VBC Massages

The Power of Healing Gives A Better Feeling


Swedish Full Body Massage

This is a holistic massage designed to sooth aching muscles and relieve any stress and tension, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

A technique that focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue to release chronic tension, using slower strokes and deeper pressure. Suitable for someone with specific problem areas or requiring a stronger massage.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The Back, Neck & Shoulder is the most popular massage. The massage techniques used is a combination of both holistic and deep tissue, which is most effective to relieve both Stress and Pain melting away knots.

Indian Head Massage

This massage works on areas of the body particularly prone to stress, especially the neck and the shoulders where tension affects major muscle groups, it can often bring immediate relief. These tensions are eased and fibrous knots melt away.

Face Shiatsu Massage

The massage works on releasing deep-rooted tensions and freeing the layers of connective tissue so that facial muscles can relax easing restrictions. A sequence of acupressure points is stimulated during the treatment, which not only stimulate the face but benefits the whole body as well.

Thai Foot Massage

The massage focuses on your feet this is a great overall body treatment! Thai Foot Massage is effective in balancing your whole body; easing the mind and releasing stored energy. Along with improving the flexibility of your ankles and feet, it will aid in reducing stiffness in your joints and muscles. Your circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid will be improved and your immune system boosted as well as stimulating the elimination of toxins from your body. This treatment is a wonderful stress reliever, and can improve sleeping patterns if you suffer with insomnia by helping to clear and refresh your mind.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized form of massage that has powerful cleansing, relaxing, and pain relieving effects. It is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage and can be applied to a wide range of physical conditions to great effect.

Manual Lymphatic drainage techniques facilitate the removal of excess water, toxins, and bacteria. In addition it relaxes and reduces pain, and enhances the activity of the immune system.

Seated Neck & Shoulder Massage

A highly effective and convenient massage performed fully clothed on a chair. Using acupressure points to combat physical and mental fatigue and to relieve muscular aches and tension.